Is there ANY fighting game that we can use Tarantino's characters? Please??

Is there ANY fighting game that we can use Tarantino's characters? Please??



these are the craziest photos ever!! my friends and i joined a signing session after the show of The Vaccines in tokyo. we presented them some japanese food and sweets. we gave Wasabeef (the japanese common snack, the chip tastes of wasabi and beef) to Freddie. we added some words and pictures on the bag. we changed the snack’s name ‘Wasabeef’ to ‘WasabeeFreddie’. hahaha it’s just an unreasonable joke!! the drawings on the bag are; a bull is Freddie, Justine is at the lower left, Arni and Pete at the upper right. all the members burst out laughing. that was a great success! xxx

Going gigs with you is always supreme, thanks <3



“This may be my favorite song on the album if only for the multi-textured nature of the whole thing. Connor [Hanwick, the band’s drummer] and I spent some time getting that bass line together and we got a bit more experimental than we normally do as the Drums. I think the song and the album are all the better for it.

Also, at the time I was in love with a boy I met in Denmark and he came to visit me in New York. That strange vocal sample you hear is him saying “hello” through the intercom and me responding with a “hey.” I was in the middle of recording vocals when he buzzed up and I forgot the microphone was still on, so the sample made its way into the song organically. By the way, since then he and I have fallen apart, our hearts broken, but it puts a real place and time to this album for me. The song is essentially about being mentally ill.”

-Jonathan Pierce


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"I thought she was Nick."

— Julian Casablancas (on being asked why he chose Juliet)

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